Irish Physical Activity Research Collaboration

I-PARC fosters insight, intelligence and innovation to enable more people in Ireland to be more active, more often.

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Check out the latest I-PARC posts below. Here you will find information  around all things physical activity. 

The Global Observatory for Physical Activity launch the second set of Country Cards: Ireland and Northern Ireland

            The Global Observatory for Physical Activity (GoPA!) was established in 2012 after the urgent call to action by the Lancet PA series. GoPA! is[…]

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Exercise is Medicine Ireland Webinar Series

“Exercise is Medicine- A Global Health Initiative” The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) co-launched Exercise is Medicine® (EIM) in 2007 with the American Medical Association. Ireland is EIM’s 38th[…]

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Reflecting on the I-PARC 2021 Online Conference

This event was funded through the Health Research Board and was co-hosted by the I-PARC team and the Physical Activity for Health Research Cluster at the University of Limerick.  […]

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I-PARC Aims 

The aim of the Irish Physical Activity Research Collaboration is to inspire the best use of evidence, effective delivery methods, and supportive environments for improving physical activity levels in Ireland.

I-PARC Objectives 

I-PARC will involve multiple stakeholders, across Policy, Practice and Research, who work together to:

Identify gaps on how to develop and deliver best practices and seek ways to bridge these gaps.


Enable and support solutions to increase physical activity in Ireland.


Share learnings from research and best-practice in a systematic and easily accessible way.


Establish mechanisms for demonstrating the impact of I-PARC.

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