Irish Physical Activity Research Collaboration

I-PARC fosters insight, intelligence and innovation to enable more people in Ireland to be more active, more often.

Latest I-PARC Posts

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I-PARC at Walk21 Ireland

The Decade to Change Walk21, the global walking summit, brings together practitioners, academics, planners, politicians and citizens to celebrate the importance of walking and re-imagine a world that is more[…]

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Physical Activity for Health Measurement Training Course

Are you looking to develop your knowledge in the area of Physical Activity (PA) measurement? This is the course for you! Join the Physical Activity for Health (PAfH) research cluster,[…]

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NCCOR Publishes a New Commentary about Active Travel to School: An Overlooked Opportunity in Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention

A new commentary published this month in¬†Translational Behavioral Medicine¬†offers insights into strengthening surveillance and data collection about active travel to school (ATS). It also describes the need for the environmental,[…]

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I-PARC Aims 

The aim of the Irish Physical Activity Research Collaboration is to inspire the best use of evidence, effective delivery methods, and supportive environments for improving physical activity levels in Ireland.

I-PARC Objectives 

I-PARC will involve multiple stakeholders, across Policy, Practice and Research, who work together to:

Identify gaps on how to develop and deliver best practices and seek ways to bridge these gaps.


Enable and support solutions to increase physical activity in Ireland.


Share learnings from research and best-practice in a systematic and easily accessible way.


Establish mechanisms for demonstrating the impact of I-PARC.

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