Irish Physical Activity Research Collaboration 

I-PARC fosters insight, intelligence and innovation to enable more people in Ireland to be more active, more often.

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I-PARC Aims 

The aim of the Irish Physical Activity Research Collaboration is to inspire the best use of evidence, effective delivery methods, and supportive environments for improving physical activity levels in Ireland.

I-PARC Objectives 

I-PARC will involve multiple stakeholders, across Policy, Practice and Research, who work together to:

Identify gaps on how to develop and deliver best practices and seek ways to bridge these gaps.


Enable and support solutions to increase physical activity in Ireland.


Share learnings from research and best-practice in a systematic and easily accessible way.


Establish mechanisms for demonstrating the impact of I-PARC.

I-PARC Background 

Funded through the Health Research Board ( applied partnerships award, the Irish Physical Activity Research Collaboration brings together researchers, policy makers and practitioners involved in the promotion of physical activity. Through this collaboration the project hopes to develop a systematic method for identifying examples of effective physical activity interventions and effective implementation strategies. 

This project can lead to inteligence that allows for the best use of our resources and the provision of opportunties that create significant population increases in physical activity.  This will be achieved through three work packages.

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Principal Investigators

See below the I-PARC Principal Investigators. Click the Google, Twitter or LinkedIn buttons under each team member to find out more. 

Fiona Mansergh

Assistant Principal for Health and Wellbeing, Department of Health 

Catherine Woods

Chair of Physical Activity for Health, University of Limerick

Our Team

See below members of the I-PARC Project Team. Click the Google, Twitter or LinkedIn buttons under each team member to find out more. 

Adrian Bauman 

Research Advisor 

Professor of Public Health, Sydney School of Public Health, University of Sydney

Enrique Garcia Bengoechea

Project Team Member

Research Fellow, University of Limerick 

Colette Brolly

Project Team Member 

Health and Social Wellbeing Improvement Manager, Public Health Agency

Emma Jane Clarke

Project Team Member 

Partnership and Governance Director, Sport Ireland

Jemima Cooper

Project Research Assistant

Research Assistant, University of Limerick 

Benny Cullen 

Project Team Member

Partnership and Governance Manager, Participation and Ethics Unit, Sport Ireland 

Ronan Kielt

Project Team Member

Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Assessment Policy Unit
,Department of Education and Skills

James Lavelle

Project Team Member

Assistant Principal Officer, Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport

Una May

Project Team Member 

Director of Participation and Ethics, Sport Ireland  

Vydehi Muppavarapu

Project Team Member

Evaluation Officer, Sport Ireland  

Joey Murphy

Project Manager 

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Limerick 

Marie Murphy

Project Team Member

Dean of Postgraduate Research and Director of Ulster Doctoral College, Ulster University 

Niamh Murphy

Project Team Member

Lecturer in Physical Activity and Health, Waterford Institute of Technology

Nanette Mutrie

Research Advisor

Director for Physical Activity and Health Research Centre, School of Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Sarah O’Brien

Project Team Member

National Lead – Healthy Eating and Active Living Policy Programme, Health Service Executive 

Shirley O’Shea

Project Team Member

Senior Health & Wellbeing Officer for Physical Activity, Health &  Wellbeing Division, Health Service Executive 

Peter Smyth

Project Team Member

Research Director, Sport Ireland 

Caolon Ward

Project Team Member

Sport Northern Ireland 

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