I-PARC Evaluation Toolkit Online Workshop

I-PARC Evaluation Toolkit Online Workshop

Using the I-PARC Evaluation Toolkit to measure the impact of physical activity interventions.

9am-12pm, Thursday 19th & Thursday 26th May 2022

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This is a 6-hour interactive online workshop delivered over two-days by members of the I-PARC project team, aiming to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to learn more about the evaluation process and how to use the I-PARC Evaluation Toolkit. This work is guided by elements of pragmatic evaluation and the evaluation cycle (Nutbeam and Bauman, 2014). On completion of the workshop, stakeholders will understand the:

1. Pragmatic evaluation approach and why it is important.
2. I-PARC Evaluation Toolkit co-developed by a multi-sectoral partnership.
3. Implementation of the I-PARC Evaluation Toolkit.
4. Uses of the information collected from the I-PARC Evaluation Toolkit.


Overview of Workshop

Topic Time
Day 1 – Thursday 19th May 2022
Welcome & Intro 15-min
Introduction to evaluation 40-min
Planning your evaluation (Logic model) 50-min
Break 10 min
I-PARC Evaluation Toolkit 50-min
Key learnings, reflect & feedback, close 20 min
Day 2 – Thursday 26th May 2022
Welcome 10-min
Using, analysing and interpreting the data collected by the I-PARC templates 60-min
Collecting participant data 30-min
Break 10 min
Moving from evidence to Impact 50 min
Key learnings, reflect & feedback, thank you & close 20-min

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