New WHO/Europe training course on noncommunicable diseases 2022/23

New WHO/Europe training course on noncommunicable diseases 2022/23

Upcoming online “WHO/Europe training course on noncommunicable diseases 2022: surveillance, implementation and evaluation” which was jointly developed by 15 WHO Collaborating Centers and partner organizations and coordinated by the WHO European Office for the Prevention and Control of NCDs, starting in October 2022.



The course is developed for early and mid-career professionals working in the field of NCDs, including researchers, policy-makers and postgraduate students.

The participants of this course will gain important knowledge and develop skills to build capacity among stakeholders to achieve NCD-related global targets. In addition to acquiring fundamental knowledge and tools necessary to successfully work in the area of public health and NCDs, the online course offers the opportunity to connect with colleagues and expand professional networks.


The course will enable participants to:

  • understand novel challenges in the area of NCDs, and work on solution-oriented approaches to tackle the burden of NCDs;
  • acquire skills in developing NCD prevention approaches;
  • gather, analyze and publish NCD-related data;
  • build capacity and learn how to transfer research into policy-related contexts; and
  • network with colleagues.

The course consists of 15 modules with live sessions – each about 3 hours – which will take place once a week on Thursdays. The (preliminary) course program (attached) and further information can be found on the website (please note that the program is still subject to slight changes).


If you would like to participate in this free online NCD Course, please apply through this link:


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